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Guangzhou Meide Musical Instruments Co.,Ltd.
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联系方式:020-61810292 | 61810295
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About Meide Musical







Guangzhou Meide Musical Instruments Co.,Ltd was founded in 2004,with very convenient transportation,close to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport,China High-speed railway, Guangzhou North Station and Guangzhou Metro Line 9,Qingbu Sation.We sincerely welcome all the customers around the world coming and visiting our factory.

We are manufacturing and selling acoustic guitars,including folk guitars,classical guitar,round back guitar,acoustic bass,mandolin and Ukulele,our products are mainly in middle and higher level.For more than 15-year continuous development,we have built a standard production space with 10,000 sqm,we always offer our workers working in a safe and environmental,clean and non-pollution production space,which is regulated by the government in China.We have full system of administration,experienced technicians and skillful workers.

We hold the strategy”customer foremost and quality first”,any drawing and sampling from the customers are welcome,we are looking forward to keep long term business relationship with you.Your commend and proposal is a great recognition and inspiration to our company.

We strive for the best and perfection,support the guitar players with the best quality of the products,the beautiful tone created by Meide will be spread around the world.



Main process of guitar manufacturing.

Wood selection-sound hole binding-attaching ribbon-attaching bracing-body binding-sanding the binding flat-sanding the body flat-cut the neck joint-binding on headstock--neck and body joint-shaving the neck-spraying the sealer-sanding surface until it’s flat-Spray PE-buffing-parts assembly(inserting nut,attaching bridge,machine heads and strings attaching,EQ fitting)-Final QC(check the tone is correct,bridge gap,physical appearance,any buzz problem or fret cutting fingers)